About Us

Raphaël & Associés was founded during the Golden Age of Lebanon over 50 years ago and has continued to evolve as a leading advisor focused on high-quality service in a global economy. We believe that combining knowledge, integrity and diligence allows us to deliver real time, real world solutions to global transactions.

The firm’s success in the Middle East dates back to more than thirty years ago when its founder, Me Moussa Raphaël, acted as the advisor for various companies in Europe and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expanding the firm from a boutique office in its home country of Lebanon to an international player in the legal field. As one of the most prominent firms in Lebanon today, Raphaël & Associés continues to build upon that success and innovation.

We take pride in our professionals and our collective experience. Our lawyers, who come from some of the most rigorous universities in the world, never stop learning to keep abreast of changes in laws and procedures. Those qualifications ensure that we are at ease when providing legal services regarding complex and international issues to our clients.

With a wide-ranging client base that includes private, commercial and public bodies, Raphaël & Associés is poised to advise in numerous practice areas as its members understand the complexities and challenges facing regulatory bodies, governments and authorities. We also collaborate with governmental institutions like the Lebanese Presidency of the Republic, the Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Lebanese Parliament, as well as with financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Lebanon, the Lebanese Banking Association, and countless other stakeholders maintaining a strong working relationship and assisting with reform.